• Célébration internationale de la mémoire collective africaine Jubilée de 50 ansd’écriture  engagée pour une nouvelle humanité 1968-2018

    Célébration internationale de la mémoire collective africaine Jubilée de 50 ansd’écriture engagée pour une nouvelle humanité 1968-2018

    Célébration internationale de la mémoire collective africaineCélébration internationale de la mémoire collective africaineJubilée de 50 ans d’écriture engagée pour une nouvelle humanité 1968-2018 Mai I Octobre I Novembre I Décembre 2018 / Avril 2019 Prince Kum’a Ndumbe III   Lire la suite


    Prince Kum'a Ndumbe III présentant un de ses livres au Dr Lauter ! Lire la suite
  • Dr Lauter  au stand des Editons AfricAvenir

    Dr Lauter au stand des Editons AfricAvenir

    Présence éminente du Dr Lauter signant le livre d’or des 50 ans d’écriture du Prince Kum’a Ndumbe III Lire la suite
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Africa and the Africans: from the Earth of Humanity to the 21st Century Renaissance – Contribution to International Dialogue, Endogenous Development and Sustainable Peace 2015-2022

In 2015, it is all about allow the future African leaders, still stuck in trainings and teachings that systematically erase their memory on themselves and on the prowess of their ancestors, making them victims of intellectual and spiritual genocide; yes it is all about making the African youth and other nationalities have access to teaching and training of an excellent quality, a teaching that is free from the falsification on the scientific knowledge and the evolution of History. Creating a Center of Excellence to train future African and foreign leaders, who are aware and who are masters of their own environment but open to the world and modern inventions, leaders capable of ensuring sustainable peace on the continent and promote endogenous development stable, respectful of the immutable laws of the universe, that is the challenge. This Center of Excellence is to host a permanent international dialogue forum on-site here in Cameroon, enabling creative minds of all kinds and from all countries to be able to express themselves brilliantly in a world-renowned African space. This is the meaning of the 2015-2022 program, a program designed in seven projects to safeguard and consolidate the legacy and to support Africans and all citizens of this world in the march of a renaissance Africa in the 21st century, an Africa committed to a world conscious of the common destiny of humanity. Overcoming the short-term calculations of governments, overcoming the short-sighted selfishness of nations and understanding that the world of the 21st century needs communion between peoples, inter-connectivity, solidarity for the global progress of humanity, and that peace; peace for all and for everyone is not a slogan, but an urgent necessity to save the human being who has become like a madman, confused in much of his attitudes today. We must save the human being from a programmed earth disaster. We must defuse the bomb of mass destruction with an education that is free of falsification, an education of excellence for a world of solidarity and establish a permanent international dialogue starting from where humanity has emerged, that is from the African continent. These are the major challenges facing the AfricAvenir International Foundation, which are being addressed through a seven-year program with seven projects.

On August 17, 2013, I launched a "solemn appeal to compatriots from Africa and the Diaspora to save and consolidate the legacy" to an audience of kings, African dignitaries in the presence of Douala’s media; that was before I brought out this 7 year program. What was my surprise and satisfaction to read early 2014, that the UN General Assembly decided on December 23, 2013 to launch a decade (2015-2024) dedicated to people of African descent to fight against racism, discrimination and the stigmatization of blacks. In May 2014, the African Union Commission published its "Agenda 2063 - The Africa We Want", a roadmap to realize the dream of the fathers of Pan-Africanism and African unity meeting in Addis Ababa in May 1963. In Cameroon, the President of the Republic had launched his vision’s program 2035, and in 2009 a work document already existed on this vision 2035. The 2015-2022 program of the AfricAvenir International Foundation is therefore part of the logic of the policies of the UN, the African Union, the Republic of Cameroon and other African countries having proclaimed visions following the same path.
So about our seven-year program for which we are looking for partners sharing our vision, how does it articulate?